Following testimonials:

  1. Peter Gittins, Former Head of the International School of Hamburg
  2. Vladimir Kuskovski, Director of the International School Basel
  3. Andrew Cross, Head of the International School of Hamburg
  4. Peter Murphy, Director of Vienna International School

Peter Gittins, Former Head of the International School of Hamburg

Rüdiger Wrobel is highly regarded amongst his peers as an outstanding Business Manager. His work in this area has incorporated the management of sizeable school budgets, working strategically with Boards, human resource management, public relations, fundraising and liaison with governmental authorities both locally and federally. Suffice it to say Rüdiger is well connected within the German context and internationally and has an outstanding knowledge of how to manage the business side of a school.

More recently Rüdiger was the key driver of a major building project which resulted in the design and construction of a new purpose built school for the International School of Hamburg. This was an enormous project and Rüdiger managed all aspects of it with great skill and ensured that the building was completed on time and below budget.

I rate Rüdiger highly and recommend him to any prospective client with my full support and without reservation. His knowledge is expansive, his commitment substantial and he has a considerable amount to offer a school irrespective of the stage in its development.

Dr. Vladimir D. Kuskovski, Former Head of the International School of Hamburg

I have known Rüdiger Wrobel since 2009 when we worked together at the International School Hamburg where I was a Head of School and Rüdiger was the Business Manager. His understanding of business and finances of both profit and non for profit organizations is excellent. Being bi lingual helps Rüdiger to operate equally well in English and German environments. His international understanding of business world helps him navigate finances and operations of any multi national organization. For example Council of International Schools where he successfully completed a transition projects from one business manager to the next one.

In general Rüdiger is very personable and easy to work with. There is no task that is too small or too big for him, as years of experience provided him with a solid foundation to work successfully with any project.

Andrew Cross, Head of School, International School of Hamburg

I had the pleasure of working with Rüdiger Wrobel for 4 years at the International School of Hamburg when I served as the Secondary School Principal and Rüdiger was our Business Manager. He was always very supportive of the best interests of the school and he was instrumental in leading the planning and successful implementation of a major extension to the school building which opened in 2015. Rüdiger’s sense of humour and strong people skills, combined with his skill and experience in school finance made him a great asset to our school over his many years of service.

Peter Murphy, Director of Vienna International School

With an unexpected early departure of our Business Manager it was of great benefit to be able to find someone as experienced and capable as Rüdiger to join us at short notice. During his time at VIS Rüdiger not only helped with managing a EUR 30m budget but assumed an additional role in site negotiations with our government partners where his considerable experience in a German context proved invaluable.

Rüdiger quickly became a trusted and very collegial member of our administration providing the much-needed flexibility and experience that we were looking for while we planned a recruitment strategy.  If you are looking for consultant services in this critical area he is a great asset.