Providing Interim Business Management Solutions:

CIPS, through Rüdiger Wrobel, offers international schools interim Business Manager solutions that will enable the school to maintain continuity and thus optimize the search process for a full-time appointment.

Rüdiger’s recent work in this area has included interim Business Manager appointments for the International School Vienna and the Council of International Schools in the Netherlands.

Consulting on developing new school facilities or major extensions to the present school building:

CIPS translates the dream of a new facility or an extension to a current one into a reality. CIPS fully understands all aspects of the process – conceptualization, planning, contracting and construction – and this experience is clearly demonstrated in the following :

  • The design and construction of a new € 33 Million purpose built school and subsequent extension for the International School of Hamburg
  • A member of the Site Development Committee at Vienna International School which is currently working on major development projects

Consulting on founding a new International School or private School in Germany:

CIPS offers schools and school developers assistance in the preparation of business plans and leading them through the complex negotiations with relevant authorities.

CIPS will :

  • Prepare a Business Plan tailored to the needs of the client.
  • Provide consultancy services through the entire process or on a stage by stage basis.
  • Advise on or participate in discussions with the City officials, the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economic Development.
  • Help build the network that is needed to make a project successful.

Reviewing the efficiency and effectiveness of the non-academic School Administration:

CIPS appreciates the importance of the non-educational side of a school to its overall effectiveness and can offer a range of services in this area including:

  • Reviewing the non-academic side of a school’s operations and offer advice on the overall level of effectiveness and additional needs within the service area.
  • Advising school on how best to change administrative and business practice to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develop appraisal tools for administrative and support staff.
  • Advise on how to best align with accreditation standards related to school operations.
  • Working with the school leadership on change management strategies as they apply to the non-academic side of a school.

Advising schools on Personnel Management

More specifically within a German context, CIPS offers a range of personnel related services which include;

  • Providing tailored workshops related to the Works Council in an international school in Germany.
  • Advising on salary, benefits and retirement packages.
  • Helping schools hire key administrative staff.