CIPS – Consulting International and Private Schools – was founded in 2015 by Rüdiger Wrobel who is the company’s Managing Director.

Rüdiger received his Master’s Degree in Economics at the Christian-Albrecht University in Kiel and worked for the private co-educational Texas Lutheran University in the USA as Assistant Business Manager, Head Soccer Coach and Economic/German Instructor for almost 6 years.

In 1991 Rüdiger was hired as Business Manager of the International School of Hamburg (ISH) and remained there until his departure in 2015.

During this time Rüdiger worked with 5 different Heads of School (4 different Nationalities) and more than 100 Board members to shape, improve, plan and build new school facilities custom made for the needs of the international students, teachers and community.

His most significant achievement was the design and construction of a new purpose built school for the International School of Hamburg and a subsequent extension at total costs of € 33 Million. These projects were widely acclaimed and completed on time and in budget.

Rüdiger is a team player and his strong people skills have seen him negotiate successfully with city officials, politicians and departments at both a state and federal level. He has excellent financial expertise and a strong sense of vision which is based on clearly understanding the needs of a diverse international school and its community.